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Importance of strengthening family bonds after an Alzheimer’s diagnosis

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If your loved one has received an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, you may find yourself unsure of what to do and how to best face this change in tides with grace and hope. The temptation to pull away and withdraw from your aging parent or spouse may be strong due to the fact that it can be difficult to adjust to fluctuations in their personality and behavior, coupled with increased levels of dependency. However, it’s of the upmost importance to begin openly communicating with family members and strengthening bonds to ensure that your aging loved one feels cared for, supported and included in family activities.

Alzheimer’s, like other forms of dementia, is a neurological disease that causes varying degrees of memory loss, the severity of which is dependent on each individual. While some Alzheimer’s patients may only show signs of short-term memory loss, others may no longer recognize family members and friends. Because of the nature of this illness, strengthening family bonds prior to this latter stage of Alzheimer’s is crucial.

Supporting and encouraging both the senior with Alzheimer’s and fellow family members is essential for creating a strong foundation so that no one family member feels the need to carry the entire emotional and physical burden alone. Hiring the help of an in-home Alzheimer’s caregiver in Mesa is a great way to help ease the burden of care, allowing family member to focus their energy on relationships instead of completing daily tasks.

As your aging parent or spouse progresses through the various stages of this degenerative disease, a 24/7 live-in senior caregiver will likely be needed. And during latter stages, concentrated efforts to strengthen family bonds are even more critical, which is why it’s beneficial to have a Mesa Home Care Assistance caregiver who can help manage the household.

Home Care Assistance of Mesa has expertly trained Alzheimer’s caregivers who are able to not only provide premium in-home Alzheimer’s care for your aging loved, but they are also there to provide extra support, encouragement and guidance for family members. We understand that Alzheimer’s care is a team effort and our goal is to ensure that your aging parent or spouse with Alzheimer’s is able to age with dignity within the comfortable of home while maintaining quality of life.

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