5 Exercises All Seniors Can Perform

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Today, Mesa caregivers are becoming more and more aware of the benefits that the elderly receive from a daily exercise routine. Numerous studies have linked exercise with improvements in quality of life, no matter what the physical limitations that the elder is dealing with. The good news is that you do not have to join a gym or even leave the house to get a good workout.

Below are five exercises seniors can do in the comfort of their own homes – and even better – all five can be done even if you experience limited mobility or are wheelchair-bound.

  1. Heel lifts. Standing at the sink or sitting in a chair and lifting your heel up and lowering it does not seem like it would offer much of a work-out. However, this movement can strengthen the muscles in the calves and ankles, giving you better strength and balance when you walk.
  2. Shoulder rolls. Rolling the shoulders slowly in circles, alternating forward and backward, can help keep muscles and joints in the shoulders limber and supple. This exercise can ease some of the stiffness of arthritis and in turn can help with activities of daily living like getting dressed.
  3. Deep breathing. Taking a deep breath, holding it, and letting it out again slowly might not seem like much exercise. However, breathing routines have a wide range of benefits, including increased lung expansion and oxygenation and reduction of stress.
  4. Leg lifts. From a sitting position, simply lifting your leg up and setting it back down again works muscles in your thighs and buttocks and can strengthen and steady your walk to help prevent falls.
  5. Biceps curls. From a sitting position, holding a small weight and curling your hand up to meet your shoulder can strengthen muscles in the arms and make many activities of daily living easier.

All of the exercises above can have great benefits for the elderly and keep them fit and active for as long as possible. If you or an aging loved one need help creating or following through with a daily exercise program, contact Home Care Assistance of Mesa. We are the leading provider of home care Mesa families trust with a unique approach to caregiving known as The Balanced Care Method™. In addition to focusing on the seniors physical needs, we emphasize the importance of social ties and companionship. Learn more today by calling a devoted Care Manager at (480) 699-4899.


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