Guide for Using Dietary Supplements

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Before you begin any kind of supplementation, even if it is something as simple as a multivitamin, it is important to discuss this change with your primary care physician. That way, your physician will know all of the medications you are taking and can also warn you of any interactions that could occur with the drugs you are already on. Below are some common supplements to consider for a number of age-related challenges, presented by the trusted Mesa home care provider, Home Care Assistance.


This supplement imitates the natural lubrication of young joints and helps to ease the pain and stiffness of arthritis. It can take a month or more of taking this to feel a difference, but many patients report improvement in joint health with regular use.

Saw Palmetto

Half of all men over the age of 50 will suffer from prostate issues. While prostate cancer is the most serious of these problems, prostate enlargement (called benign prostatic hypertrophy or BPH) can also cause serious urinary issues, including urinary blockage and infections. Saw palmetto is increasingly being used even by mainstream urologists and Mesa elder care specialists to promote prostate health.

AZO Cranberry

This supplement contains cranberries in a very concentrated form and for patients – especially women – who suffer from chronic urinary tract infections, this supplement can offer some relief. It can also help prevent future infections by making the urine more acidic and less hospitable to bacteria.

Black Cohosh

For women who are post-menopausal, drops in estrogen levels can lead to a number of issues. These can include a decrease in bone density, mood swings and loss of libido, among many others. Black cohosh contains phytochemicals (chemicals based on plants) which mimic estrogen and can help ease some of these post-menopausal symptoms.

There are many supplements to choose from nowadays. Those listed above are just a few of the more popular natural options to help ease many of the chronic conditions that come with aging. Consider discussing supplementation with your doctor at your next visit to see if any of these options would be right for you and contact Home Care Assistance at (480) 699-4899 if you are interested in learning about hourly or live-in care in Mesa, AZ.


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