Encouraging Activity for a Loved One with Dementia

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Caregiving is a role often thrust onto family members with little to no experience, making it a difficult task both emotionally and physically. When providing care to a loved one with dementia, devoted family caregivers often become so involved in ensuring his or her comfort and safety, they overlook the other aspects of care such as companionship and engagement, components that are just as important in ensuring quality of life.

As a leading provider of home care for seniors, we encourage you to learn about our specialized plans of care for seniors with dementia in Mesa before you continue to read how you can encourage activity and promote engagement for your elderly loved one.

One of the easiest ways to get a dementia patient moving is by having them assist with household chores. Simple activities such as folding laundry, helping prepare meals and dishwashing can help your loved one experience feelings of purpose and confidence. Ask them to help whenever possible, and give them extra time to complete activities. While they might not be done perfectly, being able to perform certain household tasks independently can help them maintain their dignity and independence.

Secondly, don’t be afraid to try something new. Today, the internet has made a wealth of free videos available online, covering topics from painting lessons to yoga classes. Look through a few videos and share them with your aging loved one until they find something that captures their interest. Patience is key during this process as you’ll likely have to try a handful of different videos.  Once you find one, it will give your loved one an activity to look forward to. You can also perform the activities with your aging loved one, helping to enhance social ties and cognitive functioning.

Finally, getting out of the house is an easy way to encourage activity for your loved one. Take a walk around the block or visit a local museum or art exhibit. These activities are great ways to promote physical exercise, and can offer mental stimulation as your loved one is surrounded by new things to learn about. If you’re concerned about managing wandering or sudden changes in mood or behavior alone, consider help from a home caregiver. Not only can they provide a helping hand when you’re out with your loved one, they can also offer respite if you need a break from your caregiving responsibilities. Learn more about professional, reliable and compassionate caregivers in Mesa.

If you have other questions about promoting activity for dementia patients or would like to learn more about in-home dementia care services, visit www.homecareassistancemesa.com or contact us directly at (480) 699-4899. Mesa Home Care Assistance offer complimentary consultations and can help tailor a care plan that provides both physical and emotional support.


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