Preparing the Home for Post-Stroke Care

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In-Home Stroke Recovery Advice for Seniors in Mesa, AZ

Returning home after a stroke is an important milestone in a senior’s recovery. However, the average home needs certain modifications so he or she can navigate it after a stroke. If you have a loved one who is recovering from a stroke, Mesa post-stroke care professionals recommend making these alterations to the home.

Get Assistive Bathroom Devices

Senior stroke survivors often find using the bathroom challenging. Safety devices like tub benches and raised toilet seats can make it easier for your loved one to use them. A bedroom commode chair may also prevent accidents if your loved one regularly has to go to the bathroom at night. You may want to hire senior home care Mesa families trust if your loved one requires assistance while going to the bathroom and managing everyday tasks around the home.

Increase Light Levels

Depending on the severity of the stroke, your loved one’s vision may be affected, making it harder to see in darkened areas. Even if your loved one’s vision is unaffected, he or she may risk tripping and falling in dark areas. Try to add brighter bulbs or more lamps in the home. 

Add Automatic Controls

Your loved one’s memory may be affected after a stroke. Automatic shut offs on stoves, ovens, and sinks can help prevent fires and excessive utility bills. You can also automate hot water heater temperatures, air conditioning, heaters, and even lights to make things easier for your loved one. 

Make Doors and Drawers Easier to Open

After a stroke, it can be difficult for seniors to use small door or cabinet knobs. If possible, use lever handles for doors and D-bar handles for cabinets and drawers. All fixtures should be simple enough to operate with a nudge of the fist or arm.

Reduce the Risk of Slipping and Falling

To prevent a fall and injuries, take a look around the home for areas that could increase the risk of potential accidents. Get rid of low stools or thick rugs your loved one might trip on, and put nonslip decals in showers and on slippery stairs. You should also consider installing handles and grab bars in convenient locations.

If your loved one has had a stroke, a caregiver from Mesa Home Care Assistance can provide the help he or she needs. We are a trusted name in elder care and provide live-in and respite care Mesa families can count on. Our caregivers provide exceptional home care for seniors with specialized needs. Call (480) 699-4899 to learn more about the services we offer and to schedule a free consultation.  


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