Care at Home during Critical Post-Hospital Hours

Did you know that the first 72 hours at home after hospitalization are the most critical for your aging loved one? It is during these hours in which safety is of the utmost importance, drastically reducing the risk for complications or hospital readmission. That is why Mesa Home Care Assistance offers specialized post-hospital care for aging adults, making sure that once they return home, they can stay home. Our caregivers are there during every step of the rehabilitation process, from the hospital to your home, and are able to offer specific services and assistance tailored to your loved one’s care needs.

Helping Families Plan for Hospital Discharge and Home Recovery

Now that your elderly loved one has been approved for hospital discharge, it is time to make sure your home is a safe and comfortable environment for rehabilitation. Here are some ways a Mesa caregiver can help you prepare for care and recovery at home:

  • Get a list of medical equipment you will need at home, such as a walker or hospital bed, and install these items prior to discharge
  • Make a list of necessary follow-up appointments and record the time and location for each
  • Ask for written discharge instructions and a summary of the senior’s current health
  • Obtain a list of all prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs and supplements that the physician suggests along with dosage size and times
Post-Hospital Care Mesa
Mesa Post-Hospital Care

How to Effectively Transition from a Mesa Hospital to Your Home

So now that the home is prepared for a safe and effective recovery, what’s the best way to get there? A Mesa Home Care Assistance caregiver can meet you and your loved one at the hospital to ensure that the trip home is safe. Once home, around the clock monitoring for the first few days is crucial to make sure your recovering loved one is getting the proper medications, nutrients, and rest that the doctor has suggested. Our caregivers are available to help in any facet, from preparing easy to eat, nutritious meals and setting medication reminders to cleaning the home and providing transportation as needed.

Six Steps to a Successful Recovery at Home

When your loved one first gets home their main goal will simply be rest and recovery. This is the first step in the Home Care Assistance six step process to total health, which can take a couple weeks to a few months depending upon your loved one’s condition. He or she will then gradually transition from stages of mild independence, doing whatever is possible on their own, to full independence where they can safely return to their regular activities.

Throughout the whole process a Mesa Caregiver will be monitoring and assessing the situation to make sure that your loved one is recuperating effectively within the comfort of their home. If you would like to learn more about ongoing care or our top rated post-hospital rehabilitation plans, contact a Care manager at (480) 699-4899.