5 Memorable New Year’s Eve Activities for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

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New Year's Activities for Seniors with Alzheimer's in Mesa, AZ

Planning a New Year’s Eve party with activities for an elderly loved one can be a great deal of fun. Mesa Alzheimer’s care professionals recommend a few activities that are appropriate for seniors living with Alzheimer’s disease. Consider ushering in the New Year with these fun activities.

1. Make Foods from Around the World

People from different countries traditionally eat certain foods on New Year’s Eve. In Spain, it is traditional to eat 12 grapes at midnight, in Denmark, stewed kale is consumed, and in Brazil, people eat lentils. You can pick several foods traditionally eaten in different parts of the world and serve your loved one a unique multicultural meal. Alternatively you can find out your loved one’s favorite country and create a feast from there.

2. Celebrate a Different Decade

Take a stroll back in time to your loved one’s favorite decade. If your loved one cannot tell you his or her favorite decade, make an educated guess. Let him or her help you create decorations from the decade while listening to songs that were popular back then.

3. Play a Resolution Game

Ask each person at the party, including your elderly loved one, to think of three resolutions. Two of them should be things they hope to accomplish during the next year and one should be a lie. Ask each person to share the three resolutions, then everyone else tries to guess the lie.

4. Create Your Own Family Time Capsule

Ask your loved one and your other guests to think of an important event in the last year, then draw a picture of the event on a piece of paper or find some other way to represent it. Each person should share why it was important and put the paper into an empty shoebox. Continue until everyone at the party has made an entry.

5. Dance in the New Year

Even though some older adults have restricted mobility, they still enjoy listening to music from times gone by. Clear a space and have a party while listening to tunes from your loved one’s younger days.

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