Six Ways to Help Seniors Manage Holiday Stress

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Most people feel extra anxiety around the holidays due to family demands and additional expenses. Seniors are especially sensitive to holiday stress and often need a little extra support during this joyful season. A great way to give your loved one additional assistance is to hire a local Mesa hourly caregiver who can provide companionship and manage some of your loved one’s daily responsibilities. Here are six more ways to help your senior relative manage holiday stress.

  1. Take over a family tradition. If your senior relative typically hosts all of the family’s holiday events, offer to cook the turkey and host family gatherings at your house this year. Allow him or her to act more as an assistant rather than a host, so he or she can better enjoy the festivities in a relaxed manner.
  2. Pay for the food and holiday decor. In general, seniors work within a very limited budget. So, if your bank account can handle it, be considerate and open up your pocket book. Buy the groceries and holiday decorations in order to lessen the financial burden for an older relative or friend.
  3. Comfort a senior who’s remembering a loss. One of the simplest ways to help seniors manage holiday stress is by providing a listening ear. Let this person talk about a deceased spouse, sibling, or friend without judgment or interruption. If you knew the person also, offer up a happy memory of your own and let him or her know you care.
  4. Make your home easy to access. Be mindful of the physical limitations of elderly guests. Clear excess snow from the porch steps or lay down a ramp for a senior who’s now using a wheel chair. Keep walkways both indoors and outdoors clear, and seat your loved one at the end of the table for easier access to their chair.
  5. Limit the salt and fat in meals. Seniors often have dietary restrictions because of health conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. It’s important to limit the amount of salt, fat and sugar in holiday meals. Prepare family favorites with flavorful herbs or make a special plate for the senior in your life that won’t jeopardize his or her health.
  6. Schedule rest periods. Most young and middle-aged people tend to stay busy during the holidays with travel, parties, and other seasonal activities. For seniors, this type of constant rush wreaks havoc on their bodies and a full calendar will likely increase stress. Be sure to schedule down days during the holiday chaos. Time to rest and relax between activities will help decrease stress and rejuvenate your senior loved one for the next event.

Use these six tips thoughtfully to keep your senior loved one happy and healthy into the new year. If you’d like to provide your loved one with more support during this holiday season, contact an experienced Mesa Home Care Assistance Care Manager at (480)-699-4899 to learn more about our part-time and live-in home care services.


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