How Caregivers Can Listen with Intention

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One of the nicest things people can do for each other is to listen with intention. As a leading provider of home care, Mesa Home Care Assistance have found that family caregivers who master this are able to enhance their relationship with the aging parent or loved one under their care. So what exactly is it? Listening with intention refers to your intent to understand what you are hearing. Some people are naturally good listeners; others learn the technique. The good news is that anyone can learn to be an active, caring listener.

First, you need a self-inventory of your current listening habits as a caregiver and in your life outside of caregiving. When in a conversation, do you find that you hurriedly fire your response into the first available pause? An intent listener concentrates on what the other party is saying, rather than on what he or she wants to add.

Do you respond with a judgment or a terminal statement that ends the sharing? An example of a conversation killer is, “So, you got the grant and lived happily ever-after. Now, let’s go get some lunch.” A caring listener wants to understand the other person. Participate by leaning forward; sum up what the other person said and ask a question to learn more, for example, “When you found out about the grant, who was the first person you told?”

It is also important that the caregiver focus on empathy. Empathetic listeners mirror the emotions of their conversation partner. Facial expressions and body language make it clear that you are paying attention. Try to mentally step into the other person’s shoes, or in this case, the person you’re caring for. This type of listening can prove extremely beneficial for seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s who often look to the people they trust for cues for how to respond. Click here for more information about professional and compassionate dementia care in Mesa, AZ.

Caring for an aging parent or loved one can be stressful and even frustrating at points, however with the right knowledge and tools, the experience can be extremely rewarding. For family caregivers who need assistance with their caregiving responsibilities, don’t hesitate to reach out to a Care Manager at Home Care Assistance of Mesa today. We offer respite and hourly home care in Mesa, as well as live-in and overnight monitoring to provide seniors with the quality care they need and deserve, while offering peace of mind to their families. To further discuss the care needs of your loved one, please dial (480) 699-4899 to schedule a complimentary no obligation consultation.


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