Understanding the Key to Longevity

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Discovering the Key to Longevity in Mesa, AZ

Scientists have studied the dietary habits in nations that have some of the highest life expectancy rates worldwide. The studies have found a direct correlation between healthy diets and longevity. However, scientists believe this is only part of the equation to living a long and healthy life. The other variable most people forget is emotional health. Mesa live-in caregivers can learn more about these longevity factors below.

Importance of Omega Fatty Acids

Countries in the Mediterranean region and southeastern Asia have some of the healthiest culinary traditions in the world. Not surprisingly, citizens in these regions have much lower rates of certain chronic diseases and fatal illnesses. The key to longevity in the Mediterranean and the Far East is a diet that is rich in essential fat. Omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids are abundant in the food that is routinely consumed by people in southern Europe and Japan. These important nutrients can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, alleviate inflammation in the joints and muscles, and delay cognitive decline for those in need of Mesa dementia care. These essential fatty acids are also important for seniors who have diabetes because they keep triglyceride levels low.

Importance of Emotional Health

In addition to following a healthy diet, seniors who want to boost longevity should focus on emotional health. Residents in nursing homes and assisted living facilities have access to plenty of social activities that can reduce the onset of mental problems like depression, anxiety and even dementia. Seniors who spend most of their time alone in their rooms can develop psychological problems that ultimately lead to a loss of interest in beloved hobbies or activities. Seniors can also feel more youthful if they attend special events such as performances by teenagers and young adults. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities often host concerts and other entertainment shows that feature local talent from schools and community centers.

Help your loved one stay active and vital with a healthy diet and an active social life. Mesa home care agencies like Home Care Assistance can help your loved one with these factors by providing live-in or hourly home care. Our expertly trained caregivers offer the emotional support and cognitive stimulation seniors need while helping them maintain healthy diets and physical exercise. Call (480) 699-4899 today and let us help your loved one achieve the longevity he or she deserves.


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