6 Fun Ways to Boost Elderly Arm Strength

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How Seniors Can Strengthen Arms in Mesa, CA

There are many everyday activities seniors enjoy doing that can help keep their arms strong. For reliable home care, Mesa family caregivers can take part in a few activities elder care experts suggest trying to assist your loved one with boosting his or her arm strength.

1. Gardening

Gardening helps keep the arms strong because of the watering, hoeing, and harvesting activities. Many seniors find this hobby fun and enjoyable. An additional reward of gardening is delicious food on your loved one’s table.

2. Swimming

Spending time in the pool is an important exercise for a senior’s arms. Lap swimming can increase muscle flexibility. If your aging adult feels lonely, advise him or her to take a water exercise class. 

3. Backyard Farming

When it comes to backyard farming enthusiasts, some seniors choose to raise rabbits in a hutch, while others raise chickens or goats. Irrespective of your loved one’s choice, you should encourage him or her to farm because manure scooping, feed carrying, and watering strengthen the arms. 

4. Dancing

Dancing is a great way to tone the arms. Seniors can choose their favorite style of dance, from the cha-cha to square dancing. An additional benefit they get from dancing is the ability of music to lift the spirit. 

5. Golfing

The perfect golf swing not only allows your loved one to win the game, but it also helps tone the arms. Golfing is even better for the arms when seniors carry their bags on their own. 

6. Fishing

Many seniors enjoy spending a day at the fishing hole even if the perfect catch escapes. Carrying the equipment helps tone your loved one’s arms while casting helps increase flexibility. 

The first step toward helping your loved one remain healthy is to encourage him or her to participate in activities such as these. If your parent or grandparent needs additional encouragement, you can rely on Home Care Assistance. With a team of experienced live-in caregivers in Mesa, we provide assistance with walking and exercise and other tailored services to help seniors boost their arm strength. To learn more about our high-quality senior care programs, contact one of our professional Care Managers today at (480) 699-4899.


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