Building a Social Life as a Senior Citizen

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They say you never make friends like those you made in school. Progressively, our circle of friends becomes smaller in adulthood while our responsibilities increase. Social activities are set aside, and we lose touch. By the time we are senior citizens, we may be surprised at how isolated we are. If this describes you or an aging loved one, once you recognize it, don’t let things stand as they are. Human beings need social interaction to avoid becoming stagnant. Isolation can lead to increased loneliness and depression and decreased health.
Maybe it has been too long since you put yourself out there, and you don’t know where to start. The best thing to do in this case is to take the time to think about your favorite activities and pastimes. What made you smile the most over the years? What kind of social outings did you previously enjoy? At Mesa Home Care Assistance, we encourage seniors to refresh forgotten hobbies by trying any or all of the following:

  • Join a book club
  • Take walks in the park
  • Sign up for classes like painting, knitting or dance
  • Join a bible study or participate in church activities
  • Volunteer at the local library
  • Use the internet to find local groups with similar interests
  • Participate in activities organized by your community

If you struggle with this step, recruit help. The best way to increase your social interaction is to build on existing connections. Call a friend, family member or even a trusted Mesa home caregiver, and brainstorm together. It can facilitate your motivation if you have someone willing to join you and can also provide a sense of encouragement and support to ease feelings of uncertainty or nervousness. This step alone takes you in the right direction.

Staying active is key to staying young at heart. However, it’s best to start simple and allow yourself to gain momentum to avoid overdoing it. If you suffer from a health condition or ailment that limits some of your ability to perform certain activities, learn more about part-time home care in Mesa. A caregiver can come to your home and assist with activities of daily living, and can also accompany you to outside activities in the local community. Learn more about our flexible care plans and scheduling options by contact a devoted and caring Care Manager today at (480) 699-4899 and take the first step toward a happy, active and social lifestyle.


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