A Helpful Guide to Necessary Medical Appointments for Seniors

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Regular medical checkups are important at any age, but the elderly and their in-home caregivers in Mesa should pay special attention to keeping a detailed appointment schedule as health needs change and care needs increase. If you have a parent or loved one that is over the age of 65, it is important to understand how often these appointments should be made, what time of year they should be scheduled, and exactly what takes place during these checkups. Listed below is a brief guide providing the recommended checkups for senior citizens.

  1. Annual Physical – A generic medical checkup should take place at least once a year so that your aging loved one’s healthcare provider can take basic readings as well as screen for medical conditions such as various forms of cancer, diabetes, and problems with one’s circulation or heart. A great time to schedule these appointments is just before fall or any season in which the patient’s allergies flare up or changes to the weather affect their overall health. It also may be possible to have gender-specific exams during this visit, but consult with your doctor about such things as mammograms and pap smears.
  1. Dentist – Elderly adults should see a dentist once every six months, perhaps more frequently for those with dental implants, dentures, or other oral devices. Regular dental visits ensure oral health and hygiene is maintained which prevents illness and various diseases.
  1. Ophthalmologist – After the age of 65, adults should schedule an eye exam one a year.

Other medical appointments and procedures that may not be required on a yearly basis include: various vaccinations such as the tetanus booster, a colonoscopy, cholesterol screening and a bone density scan.

The best advice is to have a consultation with your aging loved one’s doctor to ask them, based on your elderly parent’s specific health needs, what appointments should be scheduled on a yearly basis and which procedures are deemed unnecessary.

These checkups are one of the most important components of staying healthy and catching major medical issues in their earliest stages. When combined with professional and reliable home care, Mesa, AZ, seniors can stay happy, healthy, and full of energy throughout their golden years.

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