Specialized In-Home Alzheimer’s Care in Mesa, AZ

If your aging loved one has been exhibiting signs of Alzheimer’s disease, the caring staff at Mesa Home Care Assistance understands that this can be a confusing and difficult time for you and your parent or spouse. Alzheimer’s affects each elder differently, making it crucial that care is tailored to your aging loved one’s constantly evolving needs. Available 24/7, caregivers can provide specialized Alzheimer’s care, assisting with cooking, light housekeeping, bathing, dressing, transportation and more. Around the clock care and monitoring is also available to ensure safety and provide maximum comfort.

Alzheimer’s Care Mesa
Mesa Alzheimer’s Care

Ensuring Consistent Care for Elderly Alzheimer’s Patients

Common symptoms of Alzheimer’s include confusion, disorientation and paranoia, making a familiar home environment critical to quality care. Home Care Assistance recognizes the importance of familiarity and delivers care directly in the home of the senior adult, so they can remain surrounded by their cherished belongings, friends, family and pets. In addition, a caregiver will ensure a regular and consistent schedule in order to help:

  • Eliminate unnecessary confusion
  • Promote overall happiness and quality of life
  • Prevent mood swings and bouts of anger
  • Maintain a sense of calm

A skilled caregiver can also go on daily walks to ensure safety and prevent wandering, play mentally stimulating games, and assist with daily grooming at the same time each day. Because Mesa Home Care Assistance understands that consistency is important to you and your aging parent, spouse or loved one, we carefully match caregivers to their patients according to abilities, personal interests and personality. The best suited caregiver will become the primary caregiver for your loved one, helping to create a more meaningful and trustworthy bond.

Maintaining a Sense of Independence with Alzheimer’s

As your loved one’s Alzheimer’s symptoms progress, we understand that the level of assistance they need may increase. However, it is still important to allow them to do as many things on their own as they can. After taking safety precautions into mind, a caregiver will encourage your aging loved one to perform tasks that they can accomplish with little to no help. The more your aging loved one does by themselves the greater their sense of independence and self-accomplishment. A caregiver will be present to help your loved one set realistic goals and adapt if needed.

Alzheimer’s Care Service in Mesa, Texas
Alzheimer's Care Mesa, TX

Assistance for Family Caregivers – What About You?

While you have been caring for your loved one with Alzheimer’s, have you forgotten to take care of yourself? Have you noticed an increase in your own mood swings, levels of stress and trouble sleeping? These are signs of caregiver stress and could indicate that extra help at home is needed. A Mesa Home Care Assistance caregiver is not only here to help your elderly loved one, but they’re also here to help you. Having an in-home caregiver, whether it be for a few hours a week or for 24/7 in-home care, will allow you time to relax in solitude or socialize with friends without worrying about the safety and well-being of your aging parent or spouse.

If you have any questions about our knowledgeable and compassionate Alzheimer’s specialists, or would like to set up a free in-home consultation, please call a Care Manager at (480) 699-4899.